By: Pete Pitchford, Director of Sales

It’s no secret inflation is high—everyone is feeling the pinch on their wallets. Two groups that may be most concerned about inflation? Accounts receivable (AR) departments and consumers owing these departments. Here are four ways AMR helps these groups combat high inflation:

1. Focusing on Core Competency

When AR departments quickly turnover files to collections, employees are free to focus on their core competencies. They are no longer tasked with chasing down past due bills, struggling through challenging conversations with consumers (if they can even be reached) and slogging through collections efforts.

By removing collections obligations and allowing employees to focus on core competencies, overall office morale can improve and productivity can increase. Trust us—your staff will love you for this!

2. Improving the Bottom Line

At AMR, we help you improve your bottom line, even when circumstances make it seem impossible. Here’s how we do it:

  • We have the resources to review, confirm and source consumer contact information.
  • The training to address the concerns of the consumer.
  • And the creative problem-solving skills to collect on even the toughest accounts.

In fact, one customer told us during the pandemic, they almost had to lay off employees—but thanks to our collections efforts, they were able to keep these full-time employees on staff.

Bottom line: we increase your organization’s AR in meaningful ways.

3. Using Emotional Intelligence

We know the last phone call consumers want to take is from a collection agency. Owing money can be embarrassing, and it can be hard to problem solve on your own.

At AMR, every collections specialist receives Emotional Intelligence training, one of our key differentiators from our competitors. We teach our employees to use active listening, to help identify cues that a consumer can pay (even part of) a bill.

4. Prioritizing Goals

For many consumers, we find discussing goals to be an effective way to help them prioritize bills. Do they want to go back to school? Buy a car?

By identifying future goals, sharing how debt is an obstacle to those goals and providing solutions to eliminate the debt (such as a payment plan), we help consumers appropriately prioritize bills and get back on track.

AMR is the right partner for debt collection services. Interested in learning more? Contact me at