Our commitment to Lean Six Sigma process engineering creates absolute efficiency within our organization, and more importantly, it creates efficiency for consumers and customers. We’ve streamlined every aspect of the recovery process from end-to-end using process mapping, statistical analysis, and outcome testing.

CoreFour is the set of foundational principles and values driving our business. It gives us a unique perspective and guides our process.


Apply successes and failures for improvement. Better ideas through different perspectives. Pure focus on our core function.

AMR has been in operation for over 50 years. Our team is skilled in all recovery types including: municipal and utility , college and university , financial and banking, and past due medical accounts.

Debt recovery is AMR’s core competency and makes up 100% of the companys work.


Align objectives to drive performance. Report data for insight and adjustment. Produce better results than customers and competition.

AMR has resolved over 2.7 million accounts for customers. While performance at the company is highly incentivized, AMR places a significant emphasis on compliance and treating consumers fairly.


Live and breathe the purpose. Be authentic and transparent in all we do. Do the right thing in every interaction. Healthy competition works.

AMR’s approach gives consumers and customers the confidence their accounts are being handled properly. Debt recovery can be stressful for team members and consumers. It is AMR’s responsibility to facilitate payments while eliminating stress points.


Everything is a process and everything can be measured. All processes must be scalable and repeatable. Every process can be improved.