Debt Collection Experts

Why AMR?

Clients hire AMR to:

  • Recover more money
  • Recover money faster (i.e. time = money)
  • Integrate collections expertise into their their process

Expect Success from Account Management Resources

Account Management Resources (AMR) manages and resolves delinquent accounts for commercial and governmental entities. AMR partners with organizations to provide third-party debt collection services for medical, municipal, educational and governmental organizations.

Organizations hire AMR to recover more money, recover money faster and use staff in more important areas of their organization. Organizations state AMR's Results, Culture, Experience and Process set it apart from other debt collection firms (including in-house operations).

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AMR's corporate headquarters wins regional design award!
Nov 25 2013

Congratulations to Monica Snow!
Oct 29 2013

Congratulations to James Kingsland!
Sept 29 2013

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