Why not AMR?

It is helpful to identify the challenges in partnering with AMR. Below are obstacles organizations face:

  • The organization desires to maintain or grow employee count.
  • The organization believes they are currently optimizing debt collections through internal efforts.
  • Increasing debt collections is not important to the organization.
  • The organization believes maintaining direct control over the process is better than delegating the work to an outside expert.
  • The organization believes debt collections are their core competency.
  • The organization believes AMR’s fee is too high.
  • The organization faces an internal political challenge for which there is not a leader willing to overcome it.
  • The organization only works with companies located in their state.
  • The potential increase in debt collections AMR provides is not large enough to interest decision makers or unseat incumbents.
  • The organization is not willing to invest the time, people, or money to optimize debt collections.
  • The organization prefers to avoid the disruption of change. Work with AMR causes change.