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  • AMR's corporate headquarters wins regional design award!

    We are proud to announce AMR's corporate headquarters won a regional design award from the American Institute of Architects in the historic preservation/adaptive reuse category. This award celebrates the best in architecture and urban design. The AIA had over 150 entries and only 29 awards were handed out. Check out the article HERE!

  • Congratulations to Monica Snow!

    Congratulations to Monica Snow for winning AMR's Support Team Employee of the Month Award for September! This award is given to one employee selected from the CMR group of companies, including AnSR and AMR, who exemplifies SUCCESS!

    Monica was described as:

    • She is new to the legal team, and it was noticed immediately how excited she is to be a part of the team.
    • She is a person who will take up a positive cause to make improvements.
    • She is very good at many tasks and loves what she does.
    • She has great attendance. She is on time and ready to go.
    • She is a leader for others and inspires the team. She wants to make improvements and is excited at the new growth for AMR.
    • She is the right person for this job and she deserves to be recognized for her good work.
    • She was very happy to be a part of the legal team and she comes up with new ideas she cannot wait to try.
    • She has a bright future in legal and we will see great things come from this employee.

    Monica was praised in front of the companies, awarded with a check, and given a framed certificate recognizing her accomplishment. Thank you, Monica for a successful month!

  • Congratulations to James Kingsland!

    Congratulations to James Kingsland for winning AMR's Recovery Team Employee of the Month Award for October! This award is given to one employee selected from the CMR group of companies, including AnSR and AMR, who exemplifies SUCCESS!

    James was described as:

    • He is highly motivated all throughout the day. It doesn't seem like he ever stops on the phone. We can always hear him on the phone.
    • He is very professional with debtors.
    • He is always on time and rarely gone.
    • He is very positive and friendly.
    • He works well with others.
    • He is very excited to collect money for the company as a whole and for himself.
    • He is a nice person all around. He is a very eager and hard working employee.

    James was praised in front of the companies, awarded with a check, and given a framed certificate recognizing his accomplishment. Thank you, James for a successful month!

  • AMR Closing Early to Celebrate!

    AMR will be closed at noon on Thursday, August 29th for a company-wide celebration! AMR is closing shop to party at Dave and Busters for reaching its monthly goal. Our afternoon will consist of a catered lunch and healthy competition between co-workers!

    Congratulations to the AMR for achieving yet another goal! Way to EXPECT SUCCESS!

    AMR will reopen with normal business hours on Friday, August 30th.

  • Employee of the Month - May 2013 (Support Team)

    Congratulations to Morgan Wichert for winning AMR's Support Team Employee of the Month Award for May! This award is given to one employee selected from the CMR group of companies, including AnSR and AMR, who exemplifies SUCCESS!

    Morgan was described as:

    • Always working their hardest and to her best ability.
    • Eager to learn new things.
    • Always on time and ready to get to work.
    • Always positive, easy-going, happy and friendly.
    • Works well with others and is always ready to help anyone when needed.
    • A joy to be around.

    Morgan was praised in front of the companies, awarded with a check, and given a framed certificate recognizing her accomplishment. Thank you, Morgan for a successful month!

  • Tornado Update

    Friends of CMR, AnSR and AMR,

    As you probably heard, a devastating tornado hit Moore, OK and southern Oklahoma City yesterday. First responders continue to work with heart and soul to help all in need. Fortunately our offices, located in central Oklahoma City, were missed entirely by the storm, and we are fully operational.

    In a relatively small town like Oklahoma City and the surrounding suburbs, everyone is affected by such damage. Several of our co-workers sustained damage in varying degrees, however our team is safe. Recovery and rebuilding comes next. Our entire team is behind all Oklahomans who will bravely pick up the pieces and rebuild.

    We ask for your thoughts and prayers during this challenging time. The Oklahoma will is exceptionally strong. We have every intention to make it through this event with a spirit stronger than ever.

    We Expect Success!

    Thank you all for your support.

    Bill Haaland, Richard Cook, Chip Fudge and Cindy McInerney

  • Claims Management Resources settles into Film Row

    By Molly M. Fleming of The Journal Record

    (Photo By Brent Fuchs)

    OKLAHOMA CITY – When Claims Management Resources Inc. Chairman John "Chip" Fudge purchased several buildings in the Film Row District on W. Sheridan Avenue in 2005 and 2006, he knew that someday his company would move into the Hart Building at 726 W. Sheridan Ave.

    That day finally came, as CMR moved its office, as well those of its two sister companies, Advanced Subrogation Resources Inc. and Account Management Resources, into the 40,000- square-foot Hart Building. The building had a total of $4 million in renovations to make way for those three companies, as well as KOSU, Ferrell Oil, Brightbit and deadCENTER film.

    CMR and its sister companies occupy 23,000 square feet of the building. Construction began on their site in 2010 and features work from Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, Bill Gumerson and Associates, Hocker Design Group, Cobb Engineering and Obelisk Engineering. CMR moved into the building in March. Fudge purchased the building before the Devon Energy Center was in the neighborhood and people were not looking at the west side of downtown as the next up-and-coming area. But Fudge thought it had a lot of possibility.

    "It was the only quadrant in the central business district that was not being developed at the time," he said. "It had these incredible art deco buildings that has been boarded up and ignored. It’s a lot bigger project than I’m used to doing. I thought we could lease them and with it being a film exchange district, I thought it had a brand we could market. "

    With the move downtown, CMR has become one of the neighbors in the quaint Film Row district. They have joined the Film Row Neighborhood Association, where they are starting to meet with the other businesses.

    "Our employees are just loving it," said William "Bill" Haaland, president and managing partner of CMR. "It’s really fun to belong to something and build our own little community where people care about you. It’s a very comfortable, positive feeling. Everyone seems to have their heart in the right place to make it a very eager, vibrant cool area of town."

    CMR was founded in Oklahoma 25 years ago and works in the business of recovering expenses for government departments such as the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. For example, when a telephone pole is hit in a wreck, then CMR works to track down who hit the pole and collect from the person or his or her insurance company.

    The new location has given an updated look to the company, Haaland said. "We were in an older building and we were interested in a fresher, newer field," Haaland said. "The building fits well with our brand. It’s crisp, clean, and new. It matches what we’re trying to say to our markets with respect to our brands. "

    The move has brought another bonus to the company, an improvement on the bottom line. "Because we did geothermal insulation and T8 lights around the building, our electric bill has been 45 percent less than at the previous location," Fudge said.

  • Dean A. McGee Award Winners - Congrats Chip!

    CMR's chairman, John M. "Chip" Fudge, is being recognized for his work on Historic Film Row in Downtown OKC!


    Chip is being presented with the 2013 Neal A. Horton award given to a "visionary who creates a renaissance in a downtown area." Click the following link to read the article: Dean A. McGee Awards


    Acquisition Enhances Subrogation and Collection Services Nationwide

    (Oklahoma, City, Oklahoma) - Claims Management Resources, Inc. (CMR) announced today the acquisition of Credit Collections, Inc. (CCI), effective January 1, 2013. Under the arrangement, CMR will begin managing CCI on December 17, 2012. With the effective date of the transaction, January 1, 2013, CCI will be renamed Account Management Resources, Inc. (AMR).

    CCI was founded in Oklahoma City in 1967 by Jack and Jo Fudge. CCI provides account management and collection of delinquent debts owed to its customers. The Company serves medical and educational institutions throughout Oklahoma and the central United States. CCI's customer base represents many of the region’s best medical and educational institutions.

    CMR was founded as Recovery Specialists, Inc. (RSI) in 1988. CMR is a full-service, damage claim recovery firm specializing in utility and governmental claims throughout the United States. CMR houses a sister company, Advanced Subrogation Resources, Inc (AnSR). Founded in 2010, AnSR leverages CMR's 25 years of claims recovery experience. AnSR services the nation’s insurance industry providing complete outsourced subrogation services.

    “This is an outstanding opportunity for these three companies. CCI's team of strong professionals will integrate very well with our group," stated John M. "Chip" Fudge, CMR Chairman. "Having owned CCI between 1991 and 1998, the organization and its staff remain important to me. The addition of CCI made perfect sense and we’re looking forward to a strong, productive future for all involved."

    The CMR group will now include Claims Management Resources, Inc., Advanced Subrogation Resources, Inc. and Account Management Resources, Inc.The companies are owned and operated by its three partners: "Chip" Fudge, Richard Cook and Bill Haaland.

    "This acquisition will bring our total employee count to roughly 150," stated Richard Cook. "We will gain important efficiencies through the consolidation of accounting operations and core computer systems. We’re excited with how this new relationship will strengthen our entire team."

    The collaboration of the three companies will offer a niche combination of subrogation and collections services.This will position CMR,AnSR and AMR clients with industry-leading asset damage and account recovery resources.

    "As subrogation companies, neither CMR nor AnSR have worked in collections previously," stated Bill Haaland. "Ourstrategic philosophy of 'Expect Success' means our clients can anticipate theresults, culture, experience and process needed for successful claims recovery.The addition of CCI and the launching of AMR will help us strengthen this commitment to our customers."

    CMR, AnSR and AMR are headquartered in Oklahoma City. For more information, contact Bill Haaland at 405.606.8221 or visit, or