Account Management Resources (AMR) operates under Lean Six Sigma principles. All collection processes are documented and measured so each can be continually improved to gain superior results. Clients gain value from AMR's relentless search for a better way to collect accounts.

Clients hire AMR for its expertise in process management and engineering. AMR's process methodology includes the following components:

  • Lean/Six-Sigma: the managerial concept designed around reducing errors and improving efficiency of processes through elimination of steps and less overall work.
  • Measurement: what gets measured gets done. All critical processes and desired outcomes must be measured with statistical relevance.
  • Improvement: bettering desired results through the elimination of defects and increasing output with less effort (efficiency gains).
  • Change: Lean/Six-Sigma requires processes to be studied frequently. Typically studies identify defects that are eliminated through change. AMR's work for its customers invariably causes change in their organization.
  • Transparency: Improvements can be made only if processes and results are exposed to all stakeholders.