Established in 1967, Account Management Resources' (AMR) core competency is account collection and recovery. In the last decade AMR listed over 2.7 million accounts for over $1 Billion. Clients indicate AMR's expertise and nationwide presence gives them the confidence their debt collection and debt recovery objectives will be achieved.

Clients hire AMR because they cannot replicate our experience. AMR encountered and solved many problems organizations face in recovering damages claims AMR's experience is summarized by the following:

  • Nearly 50 Years in debt collection and debt recovery.
  • Recovered over $1 Billion for clients.
  • Resolved over 2.7 Million accounts.
    • AMR's high account volume requires it to continually refine processes.
  • Skilled in all collection types.
  • AMR's singular purpose is debt collection and debt recovery.
    • Clients hire AMR because debt collection and debt recovery is not their core purpose.
  • AMR has a nationwide presence.
  • AMR employs 150 associates
  • AMR associates who negotiate accounts are licensed collectors.
  • Associates hold various degrees and designations:
    • Licensed insurance adjusters
    • Senior Claim Law Associate
    • Legal Principle Claims Specialist
    • Associate in Claims designation
    • Certified Public Accountants
    • Certified Professional Collectors
    • Master of Business Administration
    • Lean Six Sigma Certified Experts (Green Belts)
  • Executive Experience (See Bios):
    • Richard Cook
    • John M. “Chip” Fudge
    • William “Bill” Haaland
    • Cindy McInerney