Account Management Resources' (AMR) compensation is contingent upon collection. The structure reinforces a "hunter" mentality requiring the company to outperform its competition, including in-house organizations. Clients report it is impossible to replicate AMR's unique culture and its ability to focus specifically on account collections.

Clients value AMR's culture. The AMR culture is characterized by the following:

  • Performance: AMR is paid only when it performs for its customers.
    • Performance is highly incentivized.
    • Each employee shares in company revenue based on their performance.
  • Transparency: all processes are built with Lean/Six Sigma methodologies. This requires complete transparency.
    • Transparency fosters measurement.
    • At AMR what gets measured, gets done.
  • Hunters and Gatherers: AMR employees are both "hunters and gatherers." AMR must perform to be compensated therefore it constantly looks for new ways to collect money for its clients.
  • Humor: serving our customers is more fun when there is laughter.
  • Urgency: as a pay-for-performance company, time and money are the same thing.
  • Communication: respectful communication is expected in all relationships.
  • Improvement: every process can get better.
  • Authenticity: we value honesty, integrity and forthrightness.